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Conheça a VOX EPOWER

VOX EPOWER is a company that values ​​the quality and safety of its electric vehicle. Certified electric stations are our values ​​and our differentiator.

Our services also include tests and trials to ensure the proper functioning of the charging station, in addition to validating compliance with the technical and safety standards required by the competent authorities.

We carry out a detailed design of the charging station, taking into account your specific needs and requirements, in addition to applicable national and international standards and regulations. We prepare the site for the installation of the charging station, install electrical conductors, protective devices and charging equipment, such as electric vehicle chargers.

We understand the importance of electric mobility for a sustainable future and are committed to providing the best solutions for our customers.

Contact us now for more information about our electric vehicle charging station design and execution service.

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VOX Charger Electrostations
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Eletropostos Carregador VOX
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