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Charging Station for Condominiums

Complete solution for shared chargers

Our Solution

The condominium parking charging station is a practical and convenient option for condominium residents who have hybrid/electric vehicles and wish to charge them within the condominium itself. 

This station can be installed in a designated parking area of the community, offering residents a safe and convenient option for charging their electric vehicles. In addition, the station provides safe energy for the electric car to charge the battery, in order to ensure that condominium owners always have fueled cars.

The condominium parking charging station is easy to use and can be accessed through a mobile app or through a card purchased by the condominium. It can also be customized to meet each user's individual needs, allowing charging times to be scheduled and providing information on individual energy consumption.


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Project and Technical Responsibility

Safety in Electrical Installations

By opting for a charging station in condominiums, residents contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to reducing dependence on oil. Furthermore, the investment in the electric station can increase the value of the apartments and make the development more attractive to potential buyers.

 With VOX EPOWER, your condominium will always have safe and certified electric stations.

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