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Charging Stations
Safe and Certified

Recharge your car with someone who protects your car battery

Infrastructure in compliance with current standards

Smart Charge

Certified and approved electrical stations

Preventive and corrective support

Registered Company


ABB Certified Company

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Our Solution

We offer specialized services in the design and construction of electric vehicle charging stations, ensuring a management and safety system for charging your electric vehicle.


Eletropostos Carregador VOX

Company with Engineering Registration

We are a company registered with the Brazilian Engineering Council and we offer all technical responsibility for installation and maintenance assured by an Electrical Engineer.​

Tailor-made service

We prepare the site for the installation of the charging station, install electrical conductors, protective devices and charging equipment, such as electric vehicle chargers.​

High-quality Materials

We carry out tests and trials to ensure the proper functioning of the charging station, in addition to validating compliance with the technical and safety standards required by the competent authorities.​

All-in-one solution

In addition to providing installation and certification, we guarantee the management of condominium owners' electric vehicles, and access will be via the App or Access Card.​

Our Services​


Eletropostos Certificados

Our app is safe and easy to locate available charging points in your area and to plan your route. You can pay and manage all your charges directly through the app, wherever you are, without the need to carry a wallet full of cash. We accept various forms of payment, such as credit cards and digital wallets.

Download our app today and join our sustainable mobility community!​

Eletropostos Carregador VOX
Eletropostos Carregador VOX
Eletropostos Carregador VOX
Eletropostos Carregador VOX

Where are we

Through our technical team and our partners, we are connected in several states located in the

South, Southeast, Northeast and Midwest.

Eletropostos Certificados


+55 21 98179-9835 


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  • What is an Electric Vehicle Charging Station?
    An electric vehicle charging station, also called a charging point, is a place where electric vehicle owners can charge their batteries. These stations are equipped with the necessary connections and technologies to supply electrical energy to electric vehicles, allowing the batteries to be recharged.
  • What are the Standards and Legislations for Vehicle Recharging?
    ANEEL (Brazilian Regulatory Agency) has Normative Resolution No. 1,000, of December 7, 2021, in Chapter V it discusses the installation of electric vehicle recharging. ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) has the following standards: ABNT NBR 17019:2022 - Low voltage electrical installations - Requirements for installations in special locations - Powering electric vehicles; ABNT NBR IEC 61851-1:2021 - Conductive charging system for electric vehicles; ABNT NBR IEC 62196-1:2021 - Plugs, sockets, mobile sockets for electric vehicles and fixed plugs for electric vehicles - Conductive recharging for electric vehicles; In addition to the guidelines of the electrical distribution companies.
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