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Charging Station for Commercial Parking Lots

Position your business for electric cars and attract new customers​

The charging station in commercial parking lots is an innovative solution for customers who have hybrid/electric vehicles and need to charge them during their work or leisure routine. These charging stations are usually installed in company parking lots, shopping centers and public places, offering a convenient service of great value to the community.

The commercial parking charging station offers an easy and practical experience, obtained through a mobile application or card provided by the company or shopping center. These stations are compatible with various models of electric cars, allowing users to charge their cars while carrying out their daily activities.​

VOX Charger Electrostations
VOX Charger Electrostations

These charging stations are economical, safe and environmentally friendly, as they are powered by electrical energy and contribute positively to combating climate change and improving air quality. 

Furthermore, the installation of a commercial parking charging station positions companies and shopping centers at the forefront of sustainability and innovation and enables the attraction of new customers looking for establishments engaged in sustainable actions. 

In summary, commercial parking charging stations are a practical and convenient option for those who own electric vehicles and need to charge them during work hours or daily activities, while contributing to a safer future.sustainable and environmentally friendly.

With VOX EPOWER, your customers will always be safe when refueling at protected and certified charging stations.

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