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Fleet Charging Station

Have fleet supply and management with efficiency and quality

VOX Charger Electrostations

VOX EPOWER offers a complete charging station service for your company's fleet, with an efficient management system through our monitoring team. Our solution allows you to optimize the charging of your fleet vehicles in a convenient and cost-effective way. With our service, you will have access to features such as:

1. Real-Time Monitoring: Track the status of each vehicle in real time, including charge level and estimated time for charging to complete;

2. Smart Scheduling: Schedule charging times to avoid congestion and ensure vehicles are ready when you need them;

3. Detailed Reports: Access comprehensive reports on energy usage, operating costs and fleet performance to make informed decisions;

4. Notifications and Alerts: Receive instant alerts about important events such as power outages or charging completion; It is

5. Preventive Maintenance: Our maintenance team will carry out all necessary maintenance so that the charging station always has a level of quality and safety in order to provide efficient and safe charging.


Our charging station is highly efficient, environmentally friendly and designed to meet the needs of your fleet. Contact us to customize a solution that perfectly fits your operations and start maximizing your fleet's efficiency today.

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